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Utility rooms are getting the same love as our kitchens

A utility room has traditionally been used to hide away appliances, washing machines, maybe a spare freezer or the occasionally used fish kettle, but we have seen a very sharp rise in utility rooms getting the same level of design love as kitchens.

It is becoming very popular to have these small storage rooms perfectly coded and matched to the main kitchen and our customers have been coming up with some amazing and eye-catching designs.

As we use our utility rooms to hide a lot of things we don't want in the main kitchen and we are always looking for extra storage, we're getting creative with using standard accessories to create unique solutions.

This utility room just screams #designgoals and #storagegoals and we are envious of the space! A shallow drawer under the washing machine housing that slides out to rest the washing basket on is genius and the open wooden crate drawers add a touch of rustic charm

The bottle shelf has been angled towards the back to keep the safe from falling off the corner shelves have been cut to sit around a soil pipe. There is a built in laundry basket behind a door and a custom vertical rack to store trays.

This utility room is a fine example of what can be achieved to maximise the space you have for storage whilst keeping the open shelves for accessibility. You can have something like this made for your customers in a wide choice of Egger Decors and a range of door colours and styles.

Get in touch with us to find out more about what we can offer your business and how we can help you with your bespoke furniture needs as well as kitchens, bedrooms and slide robes.

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