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Who said storage had to be boring?

If we hear it once we hear it 10 times a day from our customers - They need more storage, or is there any way to get more storage? As a lot of households start to be more environmentally aware we are buying more multiuse products like reusable jugs or refillable spice pots and large sealed jars for rice, pasta and flour from the local eco supermarket. With this comes the need for more storage space in our kitchens and homes.

Just because you need more storage doesn't mean it has to be boring, bland or all metal - It can be as beautiful as the kitchen it is going to be in.

Beauty certainly does lie within - Keep the insides of your cabinets as stunning as the outside

You can have the inside colour coded to match or contrast, have built-in drawers or wine racks, individual pull-out baskets or spice racks. You can have anything. You don't have to stop there - Like the larder drinks cabinet above - You can have LED lit shelves, a mirror on the back panel, a wine rack on one side and drawers on the other. You could even have a pull out towel rail fitted in there too.

Get creative

We have noticed our customers getting creative with their orders and turning a 1000 larder unit in to a stunning pantry unit or bar. People are using standard dresser units (that sit on the worktop) and making them in to pantry units that house coffee machines, toasters etc with cut outs for the plug sockets etc.

The utility room above has used a home-office concept with a shallow pull out drawer panel to rest the washing basket on whilst unloading. There are no hard and fast rules, especially when it comes to storage, utilise the space in any way you want to.


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