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Sliding Robes

Our slide robes are available in a wide range of colours, finishes, and door panel combinations

The panels can be MFC board, glass, or mirror. There is a large range of colours and finishes available for any combination

You can have the cabinets manufactured to match the door board colour and the profiles are available in a number of colours

Depending on the width of the aperture you can have a single, double or triple track, with or without soft-close

Ronda - Black - Fiascherino Sable & Dakar Glass-01.jpg
Ronda - Aluminium - Modern Grey Glass & Mirror-01.jpg

You can choose how you want the internal cabinets manufactured for your slide robes. We have 8 'standard' combinations for you to choose from including:

  • Fully shelved

  • Internal drawer pack and single hanging

  • Single or Double hanging

  • Split - Fully shelved one side and single or double hanging on the other side

You can tailor the internal to your customers' requirements and your internals are available in any of our Egger board choices

For a full list or to apply for a trade account please click here

Lucine - Black - Black Acrylic & Mirror-02.jpg
Ronda - Champagne - Super Matt Mussel & Mirror-01.jpg
Ronda - Aluminium - Mirror & Cartesio Toucher-02.jpg
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